goCodesk LLC was part of a healthcare staffing firm, they were also required to meet the same compliance standards and had to examine more than 1200 field professionals in various states on assignment each week.

To reduce the administrative burden, they developed Check 1-2-3 as an effective and efficient solution to ensure compliance with the state and federal guidelines. When that company closed, we duplicated the technology to fill the need left in the wake of the closing. And we are now able to offer the same automated solution to other organizations faced with the same challenge.

Currently, MA-Check is examining the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS/SAM) and the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) to cover the federal search requirements. We also have access to several state specific exclusion lists AND we are continuing to add more state lists when available . Click  here  to see the current databases that are covered by MA-Check. If you have a question regarding a specific state, please contact us at

Plan Options

Plan Options are available for both the Medicaid Exclusion Search and NPI Verification.

If you bundle both services, we will apply a 30% discount!

(Bundling only applies to Basic, Premium, and Platinum)

Per Name


per month

General Fee per name plan

Excellent for small organizations



per month

First 100 names included

$1.00 per name extra



per month

First 500 names included

$0.75 per name extra



per month

First 1000 names included

$0.50 per name extra