Off Site Administration

We got you covered.

If your company is not ready for a dedicated IT department, a cost effective decision is to off site administration of your servers.  We will manage your SQL, Exchange (Email), and File Servers, including Active Directory and Windows administration.  We can also manage most phone systems as well.

Email Administration

Microsoft Exchange can be administered remotely so you can focus on your business.  We will manage your email, storage, and groups.

Server Administration

Whether it is your File Servers, Domain Controllers, SQL Servers, or Application Server, we can be sure that your are in good hands 24/7.  We will help manage all of you disaster recovery planning as well.

Responsive to Need

We will be extremely responsive to your needs because we know that the speed of business can not be slowed down by a delayed response to a request.  Our goal is to get your business to the next level, not hold it back.